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Clarke County Baptist Association

Contending as ONE for the Faith of the Gospel of Jesus Christ




Posted on 29 June, 2017 at 13:05


No doubt that we love our Lord Jesus. And I don’t believe that any of us are ashamed of Him. But crossing that boundary to sharing Jesus with others seems to evade most of us. Knowing Jesus, and walking with Jesus are one thing but then sharing Jesus is quite another. Though for some it may come naturally but for many it seems a more difficult. So I want to challenge you all in an exercise that one pastor in California did with his congregation.

The challenge is simple: Say the name "Jesus" in normal conversations with people outside of our church. You could say, "Jesus helped me....," "Jesus is good," or even "Jesus bless you" when someone sneezed. Write your story in an email and send it to me at [email protected] I want to encourage you to talk about Jesus with your F.R.A.N.Cs (Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, Neighbors, Coworkers and Classmates). You might even just simply ask, “Has anyone told you today that Jesus Loves You?”

God wants to change our DNA as His Children to be a people not afraid to talk about Jesus!


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